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We use the most advanced permanent magnets AC motors, from one of the best global manufacturers. Electric motors can deliver 100% of torque at 0 RPM making it perfect for constant start and stop operation without clutch or transmission.

Motor life span can easily go over 1 million km (600 miles) with almost no maintenance necessary.


The battery tecnólogy we used was design for fast charging without affecting its performance or life cycle. They can also regen all energy from the motor while braking. We can offer many options that range from 4,000 up to 10,000 cycles.


We will determine range based on the real needs of each application, we can provide from 32 Km (20 mi.) to 320 Km (200 mi. )


We can offer many charging options from : night charge about 8 hours, to fast charging in 1 Hr. and even ultra Fast charging in 20 min.  This will aloud operator to drive all day. 

Eventhough fast charging represents a great advance, we need to keep in mind, that EVs have only 20 years of real development, we cannot compare them to a technology that has been around for more that 120 years with billions of dollars in development. If we are willing to change the daily operation a little, we can achieve great changes with EVs.


* average time. real time will depende in the amount of energy to recharge, battery and ambient temperature and other factors.

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