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Lithium Ion 

Contrary to popular thought, Li-ion batteries are extremely clean and safe. They can be recycle up to 99%. Lead acid batteries that buses used today can be more harmful for the environment that all the li-ion that the vehicle will need. 

APV is also developing a 2nd use for the battery packs before recycling to expand its use life.



There is a popular rumor than an electric car is worts than a fuel car because most of the energy is generated using fuels. The real fact is that they are not taking in account the energy needed to produce and transport that fuel all the way to the pump station.


Also when you consider that in high altitude cities like Mexico City, vehicles have a efficiency of only 25% while  combined cycle power stations can achieve  up to 80%....

So, where do you wan to burn 1 lt. of fuel?w

Besides, controlling 200 large plants is much easier that controlling more than 100k urban buses around the country.

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